What is FPV?

First Person View (FPV) flying is the hobby/ sport of flying a radio controlled aircraft from the pilot’s perspective, using a small camera and video goggles.

FPV flying has grown in popularity in recent years. The player can remote control a FPV plane like a real pilot.

A typical FPV consists of many components:

•A FPV Plane itself
•R/C (remote control) Gear
•The FPV camera mounted on board
•The wireless video transmitter to send the audio and video to the ground

FPV flying also offers a viewpoint which is superior to traditional line of sight model flying in terms of both fantastic aspirational views (not everyone gets the opportunity to fly with the birds) but also from a safety point of view.  With FPV there is no need to “reverse think” your controls when flying towards yourself and there is no danger of disorientation, which is a common cause of model accidents whereby the operator cannot tell which way around his model is facing, or which side of an obstacle, his model is from the ground.  From the cockpit view these are not issues at all, just as they are not for full size pilots.


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