Free Flight Multirotors from FPV Model

Free Flight Multirotors
FPV Model is proud to inform all, that the full line of the Free Flight Multirotors is now complete. Offering four different designs.
We now have the Free Flight X4Free Flight X8Free Flight Hexa, and the Free Flight Octo. To celebrate the completion of the line we are now offering special savings. If you have been thinking about the X4 or the X8 now it your chance to take us up on an exceptional deal. We are offering a free Naza V2 on each purchase of these two models for a limited time. The total save may up to $810.00.
Besides, Free Flight X4 and Flight X8 are now also available in ARF / RTF package sale. Please read the news at
If your not a heavy lift flyer, we are also offering a new everyday value on the Dragonfly MC1806 2300kv motors. Due to the high demand of the previous special we had on these motors, we are now going to offer them at an exceptional deal of just $11.99 per motor.
Fall is here and the weather is just right for flying before it gets too cold. Stop by the shop and see what’s new.

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