Seeking Experienced Reviewers For FPVMODEL Brushless Motors

FPVMODEL is releasing a new line of motors with several different sizes and kv ratings to choose from. The new line of MOTORS come in 28 versions of varying sizes and kv.

These motors use light weight materieals and high quality components. We use japanese precision bearings to ensure smooth preformance and long flight durations.

Here is what we are looking for:

We’re seeking reviewers that can give both an honest and informative review. This is a requirement we would like to keep as people will be following your review to decide on rather or not these motors will be their next purchase.

We would like the review to include an open box video and/or high resolution photos with your first impressions about the motors, following with testing and installation onto the frame that you choose to use.

Flight videos and thoughts about the performance versus other motors that you may have used in the past is highly desired.

Please let us know if you are interested and include any links to reviews that you have done in the past to give us an idea of what you are capable of. If this would be your first review of motors please reply with any thoughts you may have as to how you would preceed with a review.

For those of you whom we do choose to do the review we will send you a set of four motors at absolutely no cost to you. (Shipping included) If you are interested let us know on RcGroups thread

Reviewers will be chosen soon.

FPVMODEL brushless motor listing:

Original Post:


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