FMX250 Mini H LED Night Flyer Quad Build

If you wish a nice flying in the night, build a FMX250 can be one of your best choices. FMX250 Mini H Quad frame kit comes with bulit-in LEDs that make the setup glow in the night sky and even more visible in the day.

If you are not sure about what spare parts you need, you can simply refer to the items that included in our FMX250 ARF/RTF packages.

Recommended Parts:

Frame: FMX250 250MM mini quadcopter with PCB board and LEDs x 1
Motor: DragonFly MC1806 KV2300 motor x 4
ESC: Dragonfly 12a ESC built-in 5V/2A BEC x 4
Propellers: 5030 electric CW/CCW props x 4 pairs
Flight Controller (Optional): Naze32 Acro Funfly flight controller (The same to ARF 1) / Naze 32 Full version flight Controller (The same to ARF 2)/ CC3D Flight Controller x1
Camera: SONY Effio-e 4140+811 1/3 CCD 2.6mm Lens 700TVL camera x 1
A/V Transimitter: Hawkeye 5.8g mini 600mw 32CH A/V transmitter x 1
Battery velcro straps x 2
5.8G clover 3-leaf TX antenna x 1
20CM servo extension cable  x 2
3M double sided adhesive tape x1
3S 1300-2200mAh Battery x1 (Not included in our ARF/RTF Package)

and silicon wires, straps, shrink tubes, T-plug etc that everything showed in the picture.

FMX250 Mini H Quad Build

Firstly, install the 4 motors. Here, we are using Dragonfly MC1806 2300kv Mini Motors.

Secondly, solder the ESC on PCB board. Please pay attention to the place of anode and cathode. And then solder the LED light and power supply board.

Thirdly, assemble the arms to PCB board. Please note that the ESC wires need to get through the fillister.

Fix the screws and assemble the bottom plate.

Install the long standoffs (spacers) and cushioning balls.

Solder the power supply connector. Please note that the red wire needs to be soldered to “+”, the black wire needs to be soldered to “-”.

Install the Flight Controller

Solder the the wires of the motors and ESC’s together, finished with head-shrink tubes.

Cut the outer part of camera.

Assemble to camera lens board with screws and nylon nuts.

Cut the wires of camera.

Cut the wire of A/V transmitter

Solder the black wire and yellow wire of camera together with exposed GND wire and yellow wire of A/V transmitter.

And then solder the power supply wire of A/V transmitter and red wire of camera together.

the red wire and black power supply wire left.

Solder them on the upper part of PCB 12V and GND

Assemble the A/V transmitter and fixed by a bolt.

Fix the cushioning balls by using nylon screw nuts, and then use the screw glues onto the screws.

Finally, connect the camera to the connector of A/V transmitter, and then assemble the upper part of FMX250 frame.

The build of FMX250 Mini H Quad is done!!!


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