Hawkeye 5.8G 600mw Alloy Transmitter

Hawkeye just released its new Hawkeye 5.8g 600mw alloy transmitter. The new transmitter is made with alloy material that has a better heat dispersing capability than other materials.

Hawkeye 5.8g 600mw alloy transmitter comes with LED display, built-in audio processor and a unique mushroom antenna. It also boasts for a longer signal receiver range and convenient one-button-operation design.

Besides, it comes with an auto-lock button design to protect from mistakenly operation.


Alloy Shell
LED Display
One Button Operation
Auto-lock button Design
Power Protection
Built-in Audoo Processor
Mushroom Antenna


Power: 600mW
Voltage: 6V – 28 V DC
Current: 300mA @12V
Channel number: 32
size: 51×34×12 MM
Weight: 40g


A1: 5.645G B1: 5.740G C1: 5.725G D1: 5.733G
A2: 5.665G B2: 5.760G C2: 5.745G D2: 5.752G
A3: 5.685G B3: 5.780G C3: 5.765G D3: 5.771G
A4: 5.705G B4: 5.800G C4: 5.785G D4: 5.790G
A5: 5.885G B5: 5.820G C5: 5.805G D5: 5.809G
A6: 5.905G B6: 5.840G C6: 5.825G D6: 5.828G
A7: 5.925G B7: 5.860G C7: 5.845G D7: 5.847G
A8: 5.945G B8: 5.860G C8: 5.865G D8: 5.866G

Note:The antenna should be fixed vertically to the machine for good performance.

Lock the KEY:

The key will be locked in order to avoid some misoperations. In key-locked mode, current frequency group and frequency will be displayed in the LED window with a cycle time of 5 seconds. When the key has been released for 5 seconds, it will be locked automatically, and the LED display window will flash twice to remind us.

Unlock the KEY:

Press the key twice in 2 seconds, the key will be unlocked. The LED will flash twice to remind us. When the key is unlocked, current frequency group and frequency will be displayed in the LED window with a cycle time of 1.5 seconds. When connected to power, or released for 5 seconds, the key will be locked automatically.

User Manual: Hawk-eye Alloy transmitter Ver1.5.pdf


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