Big Offer on T-Motor Motors and Propellers

For celebrating the coming of Chinese Lunar New Year, FPV Model is now having a special offer on some popular items, including the classical T-motor motors and propellers.

T-motor is a worldwide leading supplier of high-end brushless motors and carbon fiber propellers in FPV community. Their products have gained a very good reputation for outstanding quality and excellent performance.

Looking for a great deal? Don’t miss out this opportunity. First come, first served. The great discount on T-motor products are available in limited quantity only.

Product Description Original Now
T-Motor MT1306 KV3100 Motor US$41.90 US$31.43
T-motor MN1806 2300KV Motor US$42.90 US$34.32
T-Motor MT2212 KV750 Motor US$44.90 US$33.68
T-Motor MT3520 KV400 Motor US$99.90 US$74.93
T-Motor MT3520 KV300 Motor US$99.90 US$74.93
T-Motor MT4008 KV380 Motor US$85.90 US$64.43
T-Motor MT4008 KV600 Motor US$85.90 US$64.43
T-Motor MT2206 KV1200 Motor US$43.90 US$32.93
T-Motor MT2208 KV1100 Motor US$43.90 US$32.93
T-Motor AS2216 KV880 Motor US$29.90 US$22.43
T-Motor AT2204 KV1800 Motor US$29.90 US$23.92
T-Motor AT2206 KV1500 Motor US$23.93 US$23.93
T-Motor MS2208 KV1100 Motor US$25.90 US$19.43
T-motor Carbon Fiber Propeller 1033 10×3.3 inch CW/CCW US$40.99 US$40.99
T-Motor 6×2 Carbon Fiber Propeller CW/CCW US$27.90 US$27.90
T-Motor Carbon Fiber Propeller 1240 12×4 inch CW/CCW US$58.99 US$58.99
T-Motor 7×2.4 Carbon Fiber Propeller CW/CCW US$32.90 US$27.97
T-Motor 5×3 5030 Carbon Fiber Propeller CW/CCW US$24.90 US$21.17

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