FPVModel Brushless Motors: New Standards of Value vs Performance

FPV Model makes some of the most innovative FPV products at the most competitve price. In the Novemeber of 2014, FPV Model launched a series of high quality brushless motors.

The new line FPVModel motors use high quality Japanese NMB bearings, high pole counts for torque and smooth operation.

The new brushless motors are made with N42sh magnets and .2mm laminations for optimal efficiency. Also have ample motor wire length for a cut to fit installation, with included bullet connectors and shrink tube.

Main Features:

CW/CCW Selectable
Precision Japanese NMB bearings
High Power N42sh magnets
CNC Machining
Bullet and Flat Style Prop Adapters Included

Each FPVModel motor is QC checked for balance, wind, performance and mechanical tolerance. This new line of FPVModel motors will set new standards of value vs performance.

Now, for a limited time, buy four FPVMODEL motors will get one free. Savings up to 20%. Don’t miss out!

High quality meets affordability is our promise. All FPVModel motors come with a 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY 100% SATISFIED, you can return the motors for a full refund within 30 days upon receiving them. You can follow up the reviews on Youtube by 3rd parties https://www.youtube.com/results?sear…FPVMODEL+motor.

For the details of FPVMODEL motors, please check them out at http://www.fpvmodel.com/fpvmodel-motors_c126.html.


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