RaceGates Changed FPV Mulirotor Races


Original Post: http://www.fpving.com/racegates-a-must-for-fpv-racing/

FPV Model just released the RaceGates that specially designed for FPV Racing with mini multirotors. The race gates are now available for sale at the official website of FPV Model: http://www.fpvmodel.com/fpvmodel-racegates_g972.html.

FPV Racing becomes more and more popular in recent years. The events can be found in many places. Most of the racing events are held in the woods, racing with  ZMR250 and QAV250 or other mini quads in similar sizes.  Now, with the releasing of FPVModel RaceGates, the racers have more than one choice other than to race in the woods, they can also setup the race gates and simply enjoy the racing on the park.


The FPVModel RaceGates comes with a special reflective material on the edge of the inner arch allowing the racers continued visibility throughout the night. If you like to fly after sunset, it could be a very cool choice. What about race with both FMX250, a LED mini quad, and  these RaceGates? The feeling must be very special.

The price for FPVModel Racegates is also very attractive. Only $62.99 per set, and it includes free DHL shipping!!! If you choose the 3-pc starter package and 6-pc advanced packages, you’ll save more.

The seller FPV Model also mentioned on their product page, if the MOQ allowed, the Race Gates can be customized and come with special logo printing service.ial logo printing service.


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