Special Offer on Power Combo for Mini Multirotors

Original sold at US$131.52 totally, now only US$98.90 for a package sale.

This is the newest promotional power combo for mini multi-rotors. This combo as been specifically chosen to have all parts paired for excellent preformance.

Featuring Gem Fan props that can mount to the DragonFly MC1806 KV2300 motor 4mm shaft adapter and ZTW V2 12A ESCs that have Spyder firmware specially programed for high kv motors. The firmware on the ESCs has been designed to match the high kv rating of the motor so you do not have to worry about any sync issues throughout throttle range.
If you’re looking for a power package designed for mini multis in the 230-280 size then look no further. We have put the time and effort into ensuring that all parts match up and preform like they should.
Building on budget for your FPV plane? Trying our promotional power combo.
Package including:
DragonFly MC1806 KV2300 motor x4  (US$19.99 ea.)
ZTW Spider 12a ESC x4 (US$7.99 ea)
Prop:5030 or 6030 (optional) 4 pairs,colors delivery at random(or you can leave a comment for what color you need)    ($4.90 ea for 5030, $10.90 ea for 6030)

Original Total US$131.52 & US$155.52

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