Make a Ghost Drone for Your Halloween


YouTube user Alton Porter put a sheet over his drone to make it look like this:

ghost drone
ghost drone

And then used it to terrify trick-or-treaters:

Comedian Tom Mabe had a similar idea, except he decided to target adults instead of children.

Interestingly, the results were similar:

Finally, we have the Ghost drone. Rather than a quadcopter draped with a sheet or sporting a terrifying porch decoration, this quadcopter isn’t as scary as it is legitimately innovative.

Developer EHang says the Ghost is the world’s easiest drone to fly- and this claim might actually hold water because users don’t truly pilot it. The Ghost is controlled by GPS waypoints rather than a traditional controller. So instead of steering right or left, you use your smartphone to tap locations on a map and the Ghost follows your selected flight plan.

Check out the Ghost introduction video: