ZMR180 3K Carbon Fiber Mini Quad Released By FPV Model

With small yet full functional FPV, ZMR250 has gained a lot of popularity since its releasing. However, we have received many request of aksing for smaller airframe. Therefore, to meet some FPV enthusiasts requirement, we decided to design a smaller FPV airframe that deserves the ZMR lable. After a lot of tests and revisions, finally the ZMR180 released. Now both ZMR180 frame kit and ZMR180 ARF are available.

The ZMR180 is a symmetric 18mm size airframe that accommodates 4″ props. The 180mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.

Agile, quick and small all fit together with this kit and its a blast to fly. The ZMR180 is a micro quad designed with “fun” in mind. The ZMR180 frame has high quality 3mm bottom plate and a 1.5 mm top plate. Using the same carbon fiber that you find in ZMR250 V2, you can rest assured that this is NOT the run of the mill cheap eBay Carbon Fiber that most others sell. This CF is backed with FPVMODELs name so you can trust that it is top of the line. The ZMR180 is an awesome time to be had and you will find the smaller size can zoom through gaps that were previously not even considered with a 250 sized quad. The ZMR weighs in at 72g including the given mounting hardware and spacers allowing for an ultra-light weight build yet leaving plenty of build room for adding all necessary FPV gear. If you wanna add more muscle, pick the ZMR180 with the larger mounts for 22xx motors.

Hurry up and get yours now, they are “flying” off the shelves.

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Dragonfly MC1806 2300KV Mini Motor Sold At Everyday Value Of $11.99

Due to the high demand of the previous special we had on these motors, we are now offering them at an exceptional deal of just $11.99 per motor.

These are the all new Dragonfly MC1806 KV2300 motors for mini copters and mini racing setups. These motors are powerful, reliable,  and quick! You can follow a thread on RCGroups where we asked reviewers to try these motors and let us know what the thought,  check it out here.

The motors have also been tested by several independant reviewers, here’s a test video for your reference:

Dragonfly motors come with a Satisfaction Guarantee, if for any reason you are not COMPLETELY 100% SATISFIED, you can return the motors for a full refund within 30 days upon receiving them.
The motors are now available in US warehouse. Save your money and your time!

Apology for Delay Shipping of ZMR250 ARF Packages

Hello guys, thank you very much for purchasing the Promotional ZMR250 Mini Quadcopter ARF package from FPV Model.

In the past 10 days, many sets of these ARF packages were sold out. Due to the 7 days public Chinese National holiday, we failed to ship some of the ARF orders in time. Please accept our apology for the delay. We will honor all orders placed at the promotional price and extend the offer for a longer duration of time.

We are now trying our best to ship all the orders within 5 days. Appreciate so much for your patience and thanks for your kind understanding.

ZMR250 250mm Mini Quadcopter FPV ARF Package Sold at US$199.99

Only US$199.99 for a whole FPV ARF package!!!

Three options of flight controller: Naze 32 Acro, Naze 32 Full, or the CC3D.

The FPV ARF Package is now available at

An affordable Mini ARF package that comes complete with heat shrink, cable sheathing, FC w/ PID settings and full FPV gear for the quad frame. What do you think? Refer to my previous post 

This FPV ARF package comes with ZMR250 carbon fiber frame. 250mm. Carbon Fiber has a nice sheen to the finish and all tooling edges are nice and smooth. Using Dragonfly MC1806 2300kv Mini Motors.
All up weight 498g.
This is a ZMR250 FPV ARF combo, It includes almost everything you need for your building work with ZMR250. Don’t worry what you need and just enjoy the  building process, we provide you with a promotion price and make sure you will get a perfect flying experience with our ARF package.
Package Includes:
Battery velcro straps x 2
5.8G clover 3-leaf TX antenna x 1
3M double sided adhesive tape x1
Also, silicon wires, straps, shrink tubes, T-plug etc that everything as showed in above pictures.
What else you need (choice which you prefer from our website):
Radio, battery (3s 1300-2200mah), receiver and monitor.