ZMR180 3K Carbon Fiber Mini Quad Released By FPV Model

With small yet full functional FPV, ZMR250 has gained a lot of popularity since its releasing. However, we have received many request of aksing for smaller airframe. Therefore, to meet some FPV enthusiasts requirement, we decided to design a smaller FPV airframe that deserves the ZMR lable. After a lot of tests and revisions, finally the ZMR180 released. Now both ZMR180 frame kit and ZMR180 ARF are available.

The ZMR180 is a symmetric 18mm size airframe that accommodates 4″ props. The 180mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.

Agile, quick and small all fit together with this kit and its a blast to fly. The ZMR180 is a micro quad designed with “fun” in mind. The ZMR180 frame has high quality 3mm bottom plate and a 1.5 mm top plate. Using the same carbon fiber that you find in ZMR250 V2, you can rest assured that this is NOT the run of the mill cheap eBay Carbon Fiber that most others sell. This CF is backed with FPVMODELs name so you can trust that it is top of the line. The ZMR180 is an awesome time to be had and you will find the smaller size can zoom through gaps that were previously not even considered with a 250 sized quad. The ZMR weighs in at 72g including the given mounting hardware and spacers allowing for an ultra-light weight build yet leaving plenty of build room for adding all necessary FPV gear. If you wanna add more muscle, pick the ZMR180 with the larger mounts for 22xx motors.

Hurry up and get yours now, they are “flying” off the shelves.

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Only $17.99!!! FPVMODEL MC2206 2000KV Brushless Motor for Multi-Rotors

Only sold at $17.99, and for a limited time, buy 4 get 1 free!!!

FPVMODEL MC2206 2000KV Mini Motor, specially designed for mini multi-rotors. High quality meets affordability.

These are the all new MC2206 2000KV motors for mini copters and mini racing setups. They are powerful, reliable, and quick! You can follow a thread on RCGroups where we asked reviewers to try these motors and let us know what the thought. FPVMODEL motors come with a Satisfaction Guarantee, if for any reason you are not COMPLETELY 100% SATISFIED you can return the motors for a full refund within 30 days upon receiving them.

Please check the reviews at RCgroups:


For the first time, hobby drones, or FPV planes, are among the top autofill responses when users type “I want to buy” on the Google search bar, joining regulars such as “house,” “car,” and “stock” in the top four.

If you are planning to purchase a hobby drone as a gift this year without breaking the bank, we’d like recommend six most popular multirotors under $200 in the market for you:

Rolling Spider

Selling Price: $100.00

ZMR250 ARF & RTF Combo

Selling Price: US$199.99

An affordable Mini ARF package that comes complete with heat shrink, cable sheathing, FC w/ PID settings and full FPV gear for the quad frame.

ZMR250 ARF from FPV Model offers ZMR250 FPV RTF combo now. FPV Model will help with the assembly that everything had been tuned (controller,radio,TX etc), you just need connect to your battery then you are ready to fly.

You can now DIY with this ZMR250 ARF combo, or simply use it as RTF. Suits for both FPV starters and advanced users.

Hubsan X4


Selling Price: US$50.00

The Hubsan X4 is sold at a price around $50.00. With the purchase, you’ll get the quadcopter and flight controller. It is a perfect multirotor for FPV starters.

Since the size for Hubsan X4 is quite small and it is very light, it’s not advisable to fly the X4 outside on a windy day, it is a sturdy little drone that is perfectly suited to be flown (and crashed) all over your home or office.

Micro Drone 2.0


Micro Drone 2.0 from Extreme Fliers is the next iteration of the hit sensation Quad-copter, currently it’s the ONLY MICRO drone in the world that can carry a camera for videography and photography function.

Micro Drone 2.0 was original sold at a price of US$169.00, now Extreme Fliers has just lowered down the price to £69.99. If you only have a low budget, it is a good choice to own one.



The 180 QX HD operates with bank limiting and SAFE™ technology enhanced self-leveling characteristics. Two Stability modes provide the pilot with a high and low angle setting allowing the quadcopter to be flown smoothly or more aggressively depending on your video needs.

QR W100S


The reviews for Walerka’s QR W100S are sort of a mixed bag. The only feature this model has that the others on this list do not is the ability to stream video from the camera to multiple smartphones.

Source: Holiday Sale on Free Flight X4 & Free Flight X8

FPVMODEL is having a National Holiday Sale. The Free Flight X8 and X4 will be offered at extreme discounts starting at $999.99. Don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of this special offer. The Free Flight X8 and X4 are superb aerial platforms designed for use with professional camers that require a heavy lift multirotor. Seize the moment, sale ends Oct. 7th.

Special Offer on Power Combo for Mini Multirotors

Original sold at US$131.52 totally, now only US$98.90 for a package sale.

This is the newest promotional power combo for mini multi-rotors. This combo as been specifically chosen to have all parts paired for excellent preformance.

Featuring Gem Fan props that can mount to the DragonFly MC1806 KV2300 motor 4mm shaft adapter and ZTW V2 12A ESCs that have Spyder firmware specially programed for high kv motors. The firmware on the ESCs has been designed to match the high kv rating of the motor so you do not have to worry about any sync issues throughout throttle range.
If you’re looking for a power package designed for mini multis in the 230-280 size then look no further. We have put the time and effort into ensuring that all parts match up and preform like they should.
Building on budget for your FPV plane? Trying our promotional power combo.
Package including:
DragonFly MC1806 KV2300 motor x4  (US$19.99 ea.)
ZTW Spider 12a ESC x4 (US$7.99 ea)
Prop:5030 or 6030 (optional) 4 pairs,colors delivery at random(or you can leave a comment for what color you need)    ($4.90 ea for 5030, $10.90 ea for 6030)

Original Total US$131.52 & US$155.52

FPV Model is a professional B2C supplier of FPV systems, FPV accessories and anything that related to FPV. If you are looking something special for your FPV plane, please do not hesitate to contact us.