DAYA 550 Quadcopter RTF ARF combo

This is a DAYA 550  quadcopter RTF.Features include a NAZA-M V2 flight controller combo (recommended,in the pictures is Naza-m lite) , 4 hobbywing  platinum 30A ESCs, 4 high end T-motor MN3508 kv580 motors(recommended),one DUPU 4s 5200Mah 25C lipo batteries,2 pair 1238 carbon fiber props and a DEVO10 transmitter set with 2200mah 3s battery.All of these features of our RTF product have been tuned,you just need to connect to transmitter then power up and fly. The flight times can be expected to reach up to 20+ minutes.

Get busy flying and let us do the build work!!  (If you want a different part please feel free to contact us.)

we also offer the DAYA 550 ARF combo, it comes with all the same great products as the RTF but you have to do the assembly.

If you need a FPV combo, click here

DAYA 550 Specifications:
– Wheelbase: 550mm
– Inner space height: 22mm
– Universal motor mount holder
– Carbon fiber material, CNC machine,light weight and strong.
– Arm backward folding structure, easy to carry
– DJI, SX, X4 series flight controller, KK, MWC compatible
– Weight: 420g
– Color: Yellow/Red(only for connectors, deliver at random or you can leave a comment for color)



New Firmware For The DJI A2 Flight Controller Released

DJI has just updated the powerful A2 flight controller to include more features than ever before. You can enjoy following powerful features by updating the lastest V2.4 firmware.
1. Added a “Home Fence” feature that prevents the aircraft from entering the area directly around the Home point.
2. Support for F-Channel and Action settings in the DJI PC Ground Station.
3. Support for the Dropsafe system.
4. Added the ability to control the aircraft during Return To Home procedures.
5. Emergency position of the mode switch is set to Atti. Mode by default instead of Manual Mode.
6. Added flight limits and airport No-Fly Zones.
7. Obtain initial receiver coordinates more quickly, in cold starts, low satellite signal (foliage/canopy) areas, and loss of satellite signal conditions (indoors, under tunnels, etc.)
8. Greater satellite tracking reliability in poor visibility conditions (in urban areas, between tall buildings, under bridges/underpasses, etc.)
9. Home Lock and Point of Interest performance upgraded.

Save $810 on Free Flight X8 High-end Quadcopter

Thanks to the great support from our customers from worldwide, we are able to get Free Flight series high-end quadcopters at a very good price based on the large quantity.
Now customers who buy Free Flight X8 high-end quadcopter from FPV Model will get a free Naza-M V2 flight controller.
Free Flight X8 is a superb aerial platform designed for use with professional cameras that require a heavy lift multirotor. We believe this quadcopter can meet your professional demands on FPV flying.
Naza-M V2 flight controller is proud of its excellent flight performace with its new firmware, new attitude stabilization algorithm and optimized hardware structure.
The original price for Free Flight X8 is US$1899.00, price for Naza V2 flight controller is US$319.90. Now a free flight X8 with naza v2 only cost US$1405.26. It means you’ll save more than $810 on this high-end quadcopter.
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